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>crossplay done well

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>(gackto, chiba, jai, etc. if you know those names)

I know those names, who dis? I don't recall ever being at a party with them that resulted in a bad orgy but then again I've never been to an AZ con hotel party with them, only house parties. Also-
>mfw AZ hotel con parties

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someone pls tell me these are jokes because im not sure

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While I do agree with Miyazaki to a certain extent, I find it rather stupid to just ragequit because "hurrr durr nerds ruin everything!!1" Well fuck, welcome to real life. Everything that has ever been popular has its dark sides. Also there is some nice quality animu out there, it just gets drowned by shit ton of bad stuff. And surely the quality of anime will rise if one of the most influentual and talented creators like himself quits.

Jeez, imagine if people stopped writing books because someone like de Sade dared to touch their precious medium and ruin it forever.

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>I'd like some weeby frands with social skills and interests outside of weebdom. Le sigh.
>Le sigh

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The wig and the necklace suggest that this is also another sad pathetic attempt at a hipster ariel cosplay that's oh so popular on tumblr and makes this photo even more cringeworthy...

It is a great motivation to lose weight. Not because she is fat, but because THIS is the kind of people that represent fatties to the world.

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>birthday next month, at the beginning (first week) of July
>plan birthday
>ask friends if they have time
>"Nah Anon, exams start there!" "I won't have time until the end of July Anon"
>No one suggested a date
>No one made suggestions what to do
>Except one, no one asked what I wished for
>I was too spaghetti to invite my only friend from Uni, because we haven't known each other for long (we did not even meet outside of Uni yet), and she didn't invite me to her birthday either
>Too spaghetti to tell my mom anything about plans, because I'm afraid they might fail, and my mom already thinks my social life is pathetic
>feel pathetic for being pathetic at social life/skills

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