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Woah what did my innocent eyes just read.

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Are there any other legit, honest to god man hatters on /cgl/? Preferably not the whinny tumblr kind? I'm a hardcore misandrist that draws art of men being mutilated and was wondering if we could start a club or something. It's a lot harder to find like minded girls than you would think, none of the tumblr ones actually hate men.

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>countless female-only spaces exist on collage campuses or trains or what have you
>most men don't care, the few who do simply point out how such things are sexist if no male equivalents exist but get shut out by the screeches of raging feminist harpies
>if anyone tries to make any kind of male-only space those same screeching feminists will start protests, incite full blown riots and even burn buildings because it's apparently sexist

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>/jp/ again

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