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I posted earlier in the thread but it's really nice to hear from someone else that appreciates a gothic lifestyle. Could you tell me a little bit about your taxidermy? I've never had the desire to do it myself as I'm much more interested in human anatomy, but I still really appreciate the skill involved when it's done well.

So I don't go to concerts and haven't been to a goth club in about 5 years. I do visit and take pictures of historical cemeteries very often, study forensic pathology, watch lots of films with darker themes, hoard morbid photography, have listened to goth for most of my life, and wear nothing but "corporate goth" to the office I work at.

Dress code keeps me from wearing gothic lolita for the vast majority of my week, but when I do have spare time it's all coffins and skulls. There's something about combining such blatant femininity with morbidity that appeals to me like nothing else does. Even when I'm dressing casually I'll throw on a pair of anatomically correct heart earrings or a long black skirt.

Needless to say I spend a gratuitous amount of time online getting inspo from just about anything with a macabre theme, from google images to my pinterest to here.

Here's one of the photos I've taken from one of the cemeteries I frequented in NY. It was so beautiful and well maintained, my terrible cell phone camera didn't do it any justice.

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