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>tfw my local post office is terribly understaffed but the people who still work there are all 60 year old boomers who are just waiting for their time to come and for their sweet pension to roll in
>they are not exactly enthusiastic about their work
>they are all slow af and move in snail speed and there are often queues up to the entry door
>I usually do online shipping for my sales but still have to drop off my parcels at the post office and deal with these people
>one day I bring a bunch of parcels that I prepared with online shipping, all they have to do is just check them in
>the boomer employee there tells me she doesn't know about online shipping as it doesn't fit into her sphere of responsibility so she can't handle me out a proof of shipment
>I tell her it's just paying for shipping and doing all the paper work online and it actually makes her job easier
>she gets annoyed and raises her voice so everyone in the post office can hear her
>she almost yells "I've already explained this to you, you either take your parcels back with you, or you can leave them with us but we won't take responsibility for what happens with them and we can't handle you out a proof of shipment
>in non boomer language that means she doesn't give a fuck and if my parcels get lost I am double fucked
>I take my parcels and drive 20m to the next post office
>employee is some 40 old who is friendly and checks in my parcels without any issues
>all he had to do was to scan the bar codes and print out the fucking proof of shipment

If I was as ignorant as the boomer lady at my current job I would be told to learn how to do my job and fix my knowledge gap, or you can bet there would be a replacement for me in no time at all.

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