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I got my Meta Twinkle Journey set in the mail today! I didn't have time to do more than try it on quickly before I had to go to work (which is why I look like a new frump-chan) but here's a worn photo of the JSK, socks, blouse, and bow.

I got the long version and holy crap is it long. For reference I'm about 5'9 and it hits me barely above the knee, it'll probably be a ball gown on anyone shorter. I need a longer petti, because all of mine look awkward under it. I kind of engineered a faux petti for this photo with a few barely fluffy petticoats and longer normie skirts. Headbow is nice, no fit problems even though I have a larger head.

Blouse is white chiffon, has detachable waist ties and back shirring, pintucks vertically down the sleeves, came with two small detachable bows. I don't own any other Meta blouses for comparison but it's as nice as my AP and BTSSB blouses, and nicer than the one I got in the AP LP set from this year.

The socks are stretchy and came up maybe an inch and a half above my knee with no problem. They're more off-white than true white though, and it's not too obvious when worn, but when directly compared against the blouse they look practically cream.

If anyone wants more photos or details just ask, I can take photos when I get off work tonight.

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