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>items they can wear a ton without having to care if they get ruined
I can see that, but

>buy cheap stuff
is something that doesn't quite align with the experience I made.

While bodyline certainly isn't close to the average brand piece in terms of market value, some people who have bought my stuff weren't exactly holding back when it comes to splurging on it. Everybody's laughing or screaming at scalpers who are selling bodyline in truckloads for, in cgl's opinion, prices that are way too high, oftentimes above purchasing prices/retail prices. When I put up my stuff for sale though, I was shocked that like 80% of it was sold in literal minutes, mind you while pricing them taking scalper accounts into consideration too. On top of that some of the people who bought from me weren't hesitant to pay the same, if not more, for shipping around the globe than the items are worth either. Means if there are people who will gladly spend 20 bucks and more to get some socks or accessories like simple wristcuffs or bows shipped, prices can't be as much of a deciding factor as it seems. So I wonder if nostalgia or style choice like >>10688145 said are playing into this a lot too.

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