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>Already have an idea on what to do for her coat (modified Zea Blazer from moodfabric)
Actually, I would recommend mixing patterns for the blazer if you want to stick to Mood. The collar on the Zea is much too long for your reference picture. I'd suggest using the Layton Bolero bodice with the Zea sleeves and a self-drafted collar. You might be able to get away with using one of the collars from Mood, but any one of them would still need some modifications for the proportions of the blazer. Alternatively, you could use a premade pattern like McCall's M8155 Misses' & Women's Jacket & Vest which you would only need to slightly tweak the collar for.

As for the top, you'll want to look for a bodice with a "sweetheart neckline". I couldn't find one on mood, but there's a few options with McCalls and other pattern companies. Typically the front of those are made with 3 pieces (see picrel): the two sides and center front which creates the "heart" of the sweetheart by cutting the piece on the fold. Instead of cutting the center on the fold, cut the center to make it into 2 pieces and extend the center of on of those pieces so that it overlaps like you see in your reference pic. I can draw a pic if need be.

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