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>Requests basic bitch shit without any perimeters such as location, period, or culture.
nigga Scythians and Celts aren't a culture? any period would do, obviously, fuck off faggot

>gets offended for getting called a fag
>on 4chinis
the absolute state

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>become more active on social media lately after a long absence
>add a girl who's a friend of a friend, i've seen her a few times
>she's sweet enough, new but has been around for a year or so so I assumed she was competent
>right after she talks to me, she posts about wanting to buy some dresses that I just recently posted
>I know I should take it as flattery, but I'm weirded out that right after talking to me she'd go after items I JUST posted within the last three days
>feel really uncomfortable about it bc they're not items that really fit her style

It's even weirder for me bc she's a friend of a friend and I don't know how to address the situation. It's obvious she's doing it because of me.

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>commenting on people's spending habits is small talk

No. No it is not. Where I am from it is beyond rude to talk about finances much less to a stranger??

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Are you saying we should share this thread to the Shuto Con Facebook page and watch the Shitshow unfold?

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