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>Furries: not even once.

This is why, while I do make suits, I do my best to stay far the fuck away from the community as I can possibly manage while still trying to make money.

I'd say that 1 outta' 5 furries are straight-up fucking nuts.

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>When you run around being obnoxious, letting children pet you, you should be put down for the betterment of society.

Holy shit anon, calm thyself.

I make the costumes [not a furry], and I do fursuiting shit for church and charity stuff. However, I'm not the type who goes "random fursuiting" at parks and in Wal-mart and shit.

If you want to go to a furry convention and wear your suit, I think that's fine, because it's the environment they belong in. However, fursuits at anime con raves and shit? I'd dropkick them in the face.
So I understand your rage.

>but srsly, jesus, calm down
>but I will also second you on that "mate" thing

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