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>this whole post

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>Want to do a /cgl/ meetup
>Am an Ausfag
>Aus cosplay community is an enormous drama flinging shitfest and it'd be impossible

I'm genuinely considering moving.

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>I don't appear to have much in common
After the second meet I've ever had, it was obvious to me that we just liked the same type of clothes and that's it. They're the same normie bitches I see everyday. Not entirely unexpected.

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my boyfriend doesn't have any money troubles, but every time he promises to buy me something later he always forgets/never comes through. it's only for things in the near future like new releases and reservation items. i remind him of his promise but somehow he manages to brush it off? he doesn't owe me anything but i would prefer he not make promises he can't keep. it's just weird because he's always the one who initiates it (oh, you like that? i'll get it for you when it's out, we'll talk about it later) but then i'm totally blown off

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I feel like with a lot of my female acquaintances in the lolita community, there's some kind of unbreakable tension. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like they think there's some kind of competition going on. They'll mention how I got more likes on a photo, the size of my wardrobe, basically all of my accomplishments in general, but not in a playful way--like, in a kind of begrudging way that totally kills the mood. I've managed to find some girl friends who aren't like this but being subjected to so much passive aggression gets totally exhausting. I just want friends, why do they have to make me feel guilty for things I should be proud of?

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dropped pic

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Is this still a feels thread because I am currently packing for my first "big" con that I plan on actually trying out my cosplays for the first time ever and I'm nervous as fuuuck.
What to do with these pre-con jitters?
Also, planning on meeting my soulmate on Saturday at the con and kinda nervous about that too.

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>on cgl
>looking for some juice cringe stories
>idiots fighting over how hard it is/isn't to join the military

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How bad would it be if my mom tagged along to a meet with me? She's nice, social, supportive of lolita, and wouldn't try to edge her way into comm-y stuff like photos and whatnot. Can't drive myself around for medical reasons (won't bother with the full B'AWW story) and think it'd be really good to get out of the house. The meet is almost an hour away so she couldn't just go back home, and I don't have the heart to ask her to hang out somewhere else since she's already doing me a favor.

I'm definitely going to message one of the comm leaders first and ask if it's alright. I'd hate to make a bad impression just because I'm sick all the time. Feelsbad

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are you me, anon? most of my social ineptness is probably in my head and i hope i'll push myself to go to at least one meet just to say i did

i've read a lot of gulls saying similar things--about how lolitas in their comms didn't even really want to talk about lolita. more like a social gathering to talk about the weather while wearing pretty clothes. i'm afraid i might not fit in because i'm always excited to talk about new releases and stuff, but from what i've seen it seems that a significant amount of people just don't care.

nothing bad about (good) handmade lolitas and people who primarily buy offbrand but i'd expect them to care at least a little about what's going on with the fashion.

in the end it just doesn't really seem worth the effort because /cgl/ is right here and i can talk lolita to salty gulls from my bed. it's not the same but it counts for something i guess

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>See cute cosplays of series I love at a small con
>Excitedly rush up to take a picture of them
>They're busy talking, except for one cosplayer from a different series I don't recognize
>Assume they're with the group
>Ask if I can take a photo of all of them
>Unrecognizeable cosplayer takes a while to get cosplay pieces and pose in place
>I wait for the rest of the cosplayers to join in the shot
>They don't.
>They start walking off and I snap a picture of the unrecognizeable cosplayer quickly hoping I can catch them before they get too far
>Unrecognizeable cosplayer starts giving me detailed instructions and their facebook to send the picture to
>Politely smile and nod while my soul leaves my body and the cosplayers walk farther away
>Cosplayers are out of sight by the time the unrecognizeable cosplayer is done talking

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>wear purple lenses to school
>get lots of compliments
>one friend asks if they are soft or hard lenses.
>hard lenses only cover the pupil and not the iris, so circle/cosplay/party lenses are always soft.
>but she's neither a cosplayer/lolita nor does she need glasses, so I presumed she didn't know that.
>'oh that's strange anon. I wore lenses for a friend's zombie shot. And those lenses were hard'.
>fear the worst
>'did people before also wore those lenses?'
>'yeah, how did you know that anon'.
>mfw pic related

Not only did the photographer let all her friends wear the same lenses, she also let the lenses dry out/expire. How can you do that to your friends?

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> searching 'custom prairie dress' on guggle
> find a website that offers them
> "Oh, all of this is pretty cute, and they even offer shorter skirts instead of ankle-length."
> rest of website is GodJesus stuff
> mfw

If I order from them, here's hoping they don't sense I'm a heathen lesbian.

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I posted here earlier: >>8458820
It's been over a week, I emailed them at [email protected] on the 6th and again a yesterday.
They haven''t responded.
I think I'm out 412 dollars.

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>Still at shitty minimum wage job after graduating
>Student loans don't kick in until mid July
>Falling into a stress spell; life keeping me from affording a well-deserved vacation
>visited the comm sales for the first time in ages
>woah, cute shit for cheap
>telling myself I can afford it, but I shouldn't spend my money

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Well... good thing I own the JSK so it never actually touches my skin. Looks like this dress will never meet water in its lifetime.

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I went back to epilating my armpits after almost a year of shaving and it almost didn't hurt.

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>trying to get over my problem with plans being cancelled/modified
>bf and I plan to play Ragnarok tomorrow
>also get high on mushrooms
>nope, friends are comin' over
>they will probably play Magic while I twiddle my thumbs
>bf didn't really want to do shrooms this weekend anyway
>I say whatevs, not a big deal
>we'll play Ragnarok in the evening

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>tfw when talking about burando in bed with boyfriend
>tfw you have all the sex you want but will never have Cat's Tea Party

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It was like 50th time that I burst into tears. I freaked out with my boyfriend over trivial sex stuff because I was obsessed. I thought, "maybe I should change my bc and see what happens."

The fact that I previously switched to a higher dose to throw my period off to 4x a year, coincidentally around the time when I started to have crying freak outs, also helped in my decision.

It's been two weeks and my emotions don't feel to intense anymore. Definitely switch, it wouldn't hurt just to see if it does anything.

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That'd be adorable if I weren't so torn about it.


But srsly, sorry for your pain.

To be fair, my first experience with furries was middle school, where these 2 guys wore collars. I didn't even realize they were furries until I re-met them in high school.
Both were massive perverts, one proclaiming how I was so cute and how he wanted his Yu-Gi-Oh Baby Dragon to rape me.
The second was a Tripp-pants-wearing creep who constantly groped girl, tried to act cute about it, and was "oh so random lol".
Both ugly with ugly personalities.

I re-met them junior year in high school.
Both had come out as gay. One constantly shoved furry porn in people's faces at random, and the other legitimately bragged about fucking dogs.

I wish I was making this up.

Never met a person outside of a con who owned or wore a fursuit, though.

On topic, I still like fursuits.
I think it's because I liked animals and stuffed animals of all kinds as a kid, and I don't think I ever grew out of it.
Fursuits just remind me of cute stuffed animals, so I don't mind them too much if they're well-made and not nightmare-fuel tier.

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Going to my first meet in 2ish weeks.

I'm working on getting over my social anxiety, as I just can't afford to be medicated because psychiatrists with a waiting list less than 6 months long don't accept my insurance.

So, I'm braving a 2 hour drive to get to this meet in a car with no AC.

Christ, I hope look okay when I get there....
I'l'll probably get nervous sweats + driving in a warm car.
Maybe I should drive with paper towels all under my arms.

I guess deep down I know it will be fine when I get there, but the initial wait and drive to get there is getting me freaked out.

>trying not to be a pussy
>need to get over this anxiety by putting myself out there
>but fuuuuuuck.. you know?

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