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I'm proud of you anon. ED's are difficult. I've never had one personally but I imagine it's hell. Keep up the good work, don't let anyone minimize your struggle.

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Aww, you're sweet. It wasn't a particularly bad experience, but just enough to make me feel spiteful. Thank you, anon! I'll need all the luck I can get, especially with finding out my best angles/poses.

Thanks! After browsing /cgl/ for so long, I had high expectations for myself and thought I needed to make everything from scratch to be a "true cosplayer" (despite it being my first time). I realize now it's silly to think so. I really shouldn't waste 999 hours on a screen-accurate high-quality cosplay when it's not out of passion.

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AAhhhhh that's the fucking best idea

I got a pokemon card from a girl who was handing some out at a pokemon meetup, and a really nice Guzma cosplayer gave me some Poke(jelly) beans!

That's such a cute idea!
I find it funny that receiving a small gift from a stranger makes people so happy, but it's probably because it's a nice gesture and helps "break the ice".

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I dunno if it helps (or if you're even insecure about it at all) but broad shoulders on cute girls look amaaaaazing. Seriously so fuckin' kawaii. I (girl) have broad shoulders and, even though it makes fitting clothes a pain, I like them because I know that it means I have more potential to be stronger than someone with a smaller shoulder span. It's a good frame for fitness and martial arts, and I love having the power that comes with strength.

Apart from the fitness side of it, broad shoulders are often seen in high-fashion models. It's an enviable trait. The drape of cloth over a large canvas looks super pretty. I know it's cheesy, but feel pretty, my broad shouldered fellow gulls. Your broad shoulders are awesome.

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oh jeez, I'm so flattered that other people like my itobag!, I'm working hard to make more stuff for it aahh i'm so excited

It's looking really cute anon. I love how Pun Pun has so many forms so you have a nice variety in merch!

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>Hockey itabag

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Congratulations!! You've worked hard to achieve this, and now it's paying off nicely!

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I took the basic newbie route and got the Candy sprinkle Lucky pack in pink, completely brand new!

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I haven't heard this song IN YEARS

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