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Oh damn. That sucks! You should totally out her! Name and shame! Post the receipts! She deserves the embarrassment, and I deserve the fap material! Haha, just kidding! Imagine if I you actually posted it and that happened though? That'd be funny, haha.

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I was the only person to clap for yaoi

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>A 19 year old looks a lot different from a 15 year old.

Not if you're Asian. I literally look the exact same I do now as I did when I was 15. I can look at pictures from back then and now and the only change is that I had longer hair back then and wore glasses instead of the contacts I have on now. In fact, most of my peers in those same photos look the same too, they just know how to wear makeup now (which makes them look older). Even the hispanic ones. I think you're overestimating how much of a difference a measly 4 years makes, especially if you're already mostly done with puberty by the time you're 15 like I was.

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>Not just finding an incel on /r9k/ or any of the many "cgl" servers they advertise here and sending them random nudes of OTHER girls pretending to be them in return for dresses

Weak. Step up your game. Literally all you have to do is join one of their bait and switch servers, get into voice chat, be enthusiastic and very subtly playful without directly flirting with anyone, and then wait for the inevitable PMs to come your way. From there it's just playing the game - if you're smart you can string up a handful at a time and have them all feel like they're special someones.

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