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>missed out in buying the full set for pic related
>not even sure if it'll fit since I'm fucking tall

I have a mighty need to buy the full set.

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>people unironically like this

why? fucking weeaboos

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>What are your cgl-related new years resolutions?
Get my WIP cosplays finished, actually make it to a con, fix the zipper on my handmade OP that's been waiting for fixing for 18 months, finish my lolita sewing projects
>Losing weight?
I'd like to have an active lifestyle and diet that keeps me at a lower body fat percentage and 50kg. I'm short and pear shaped so being 52kg is enough to give me bad muffin top and chubby thighs, and I need to accept that I'm never going to have the stick thin legs of Asian beauty ideals
>Buying less?
Selling more! I need to get ruthless and cull my wardrobe to things I wear, then build it up again from there
>More wardrobe staples?
More accessories, more hats, and more tops in a colour other than black, white or off white
>How did your wardrobe change in 2015?
I bought way too many items, and finally got my dream dress! Reds snuck back in, book prints made an appearance and I started buying more prints overall
>Favourite release in 2015?
Meta's Daydreaming Goldfish.

That cut is awesome, I considered getting dozing cat just because of it.

To be fair it depends on body composition, height and frame size as well. A 6 foot person with large ribcage, broad shoulders and wide pelvis who does lots of exercise will look very different at 135lb than a 5' small framed sedentary person

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Any of this yet? Surely some people have theirs...

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Still in customs. No letter yet and it's been a week...

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My will is weak

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