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I'm working hard and everything, I'm just not roiding so I probably won't have an obscenely ripped body.
As it is I could definitely do him if I went on a cut right now but I'm holding out until after winter is over to do that.
Me and nurse-Chan still talk around /cgl/ from time to time, but what in really hoping to do is finish the cosplay and go on the cut, then do a cool photoshoot or something that shows it off and post it here, asking her what she thinks.

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Aww, PH-kun. I'm still here and glad to see that you're doing your best. Are you also working on your cosplay, or are you mostly focusing on getting fit for now?

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I just signed up for the Secret Santa and I'm really excited
... I'm kinda hoping I get nurse-chan if she signed up

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I can't say whether we'll ever meet or even just come off anon, as >>9994730 said, but I'm happy to see your mature attitude about this and if nothing else, I'm glad to just motivate you to be the best PH you can be. Keep doing your best, PH-kun, I'm rooting for you.

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