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OP here, omg you gulls...
I just listed my height and weight to make the point that the product I'm recommending works well for me and probably for anyone a bit bigger or a bit smaller. Because there are a lot of fit issues in this fashion, I just thought a frame of reference would help. That's it. That's all. I was just trying to help.

(y'all need jesus)

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Nayrt but...

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If I see one more LM listing with "choker" spelled as "chocker", I am going to scream.

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The whole thing is a wreck but that's the cherry on the shit sundae

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>ageing population
Guess what, dip shit? You've been aging since you fell out of your mom
I guess it's cool to not give a shit about sick people and old people, but usually even normies frown upon not giving a shit that children are going to get lung cancer and shit
>inb4 the world is going to end from global warming/plastic anyway so who cares
I'm not even anti-going back outside, I just hate you cult retards

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Cut that shit out! Don't be a premature granny-chan like me. If you find yourself doing it while scrolling your phone, put your phone down until you stop.

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Because nobody gives a flying fuck about your dumb IRC knockoffs called Discord servers.
Leave them at the door.

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>stray eyeliner marks on upper and bottom lid
>wonky eyeliner
>anime eye look
>no lashes or mascara on the rest of their lashes
>thick glitter

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This bitch really needs top fucking stop. In what world is that outfit Lolita? Girl you are not pushing the envelope, you're just a fuckin mess. Check yourself.

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im gonna post the ones i have from the og anon to lighten their load

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I love and want more lolita images like this
there are never enough

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Why do you always have to reply? Why can't you just ignore shitty posts and move on?
Did you know there is a whole board dedicaded to trans troubles? It's /lgbt/. Do you not visit any other boards?

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stop. defending. yourself. on. 4chan.

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I want /pol/ and /r9k/ to leave forever.

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Of all the ddlg chans I have seen shitting up lolita this bitch is one of the ugliest of the bunch.

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>New thread and gulls are still eating the bait
Stop replying to the sweet-hating man-baby already, jesus

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