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In my experience. Girls are extremely "dumb" when it comes to the concept of a man going to the gym and how they'll probably look like cause of it.

Every single in real life girl that I've met (including gf) who have also said something along the lines of "I don't like muscles on a guy", "I don't like muscular men" or "I don't like guys who spend majority of their time at the gym" I've given them comparison pics of one dude and another. Sometimes I've done this comparison of pics of myself (at my most muscular vs not). Every single one has always chosen the "muscular" one.

My evidence, of course, is anecdotal, but it's gotten me to the point where I think it's just plain silly when I hear a girl say she doesn't like "muscles" on a guy. My closest guy friend has also had the same experience since he would hide his muscles under a big hoodie and watch those same girls that say that same tired line oogle his abs and bicep etc..

Again I'm not talking about Arnold level of muscles, just regular stuff.

Here's another contribution pic to the thread of what can constitute as "muscular" relative to a regular sedentary dude. My friend essentially looked like this, but slightly bigger arms and chest.

Well this thread was kind of void of conversation so I was just curious on the consensus of this type of thing here. I feel as girls here are very different from ones I meet on a day to day basis.

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