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This actually made me gag...

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>The sin of self care and rape

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>Be me
>At local restaurant meetup
>In walks ita fatty chan
>The eye watering smell of coochie stank nearly kills me on the spot as she walks by
>FML she sits across the table from me
>Immediately starts yell talking so loud I feel like my eardrums are about to burst
>Can't wait for her food to arrive hoping she shuts the fuck up
>Food finally arrives thank god
>Little do I know the true horror has yet to begin
>Fatty chan takes one bite and starts open mouth chewing as loud as possible
>Want to die on the spot and completely lose my appetite
>Fatty chan picks up a roll
>Queue the loudest, wettest finger sucking I've ever heard in my entire life
>The sound still echos in my skull haunting me to this very day
>At this point I want to launch across the table and strangle her
>Flag the waiter down, pay my bill, and nearly sprint out of there in a desperate bid to maintain my sanity

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