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Based and edgepilled

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This may be a long shot, but I’m looking for lifestyle blogs (or tumblrs or IGs or honestly anything because I’m pretty desperate) run by lolitas in their mid to late twenties or early thirties with a career and/or active family life. I’m reaching my mid twenties, getting married and likely starting a family in the next few years and feel like I ought to give up my frivolous hobbies to focus on my job and family-to-be. I spent my teenage years being a total shut-in and my college years studying my butt off and having no time or energy for anything, so now I’m starting to worry that I’ve wasted my youth/freedom.

Ever since I got into lolita almost a decade ago it’s been my dream to run a lolita lifestyle blog. However now that I finally have the confidence, independence and financial stability to do so, I worry that people will think I’m a pathetic Christmas cake for indulging in immature hobbies and not focusing on my career and husband instead.

So I need to convince myself that it’s possible to find a balance between being a Responsible Adult(TM) and living a lolita-ish lifestyle, maybe with a bit of cute housewife thrown in.
>pls respond

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mini dump

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Old thread is gone.

>What's your favourite Oldschool feature?
>Favourite coord/street snap?
>Dream Oldschool piece?

Also general nattering, recent purchases, and coords in progress are welcome.

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Last one just started auto-saging

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uh I guess I'll turn this over to you, cgl.

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