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Is every Chinese lolita super out of touch? There are a few girls in my comm that are very cliquey with other Chinese or ABC lolitas, which I understand because of having a relatable culture, but the few times they do interact with everyone it's incredibly uncomfortable.

They're shocked we can't afford high teas and other expensive things all the time. They're offended when we have to say no to expensive events because we just attended another expensive event. They don't befriend anyone that can't afford to buy the newest AP or BTSSB print on a whim like they do. They each own the expensive brand MTO dresses ($600+) and are shocked no one else in the comm does. A few of them use friends like accessories and only let them tag along if they're well dresses and pretty, but not prettier than them of course.

These girls aren't intentionally mean at all but they come off so snobbish and selfish at times. It just astounds me that people can act that way and not see anything wrong with it.

I really hope this isn't the case with all Chinese lolitas out there.

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