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My heart still hurts every time I see that

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>im losing weight but still too fat to cosplay most characters
>i have to resort to velma until i lose more
>even so i'll likely never wear a revealing costume because dat depressionfat gave me tons of stretch marks

>buzzed off hair a few months ago because it was bleach burned and i wanted to start fresh
>wear wigs instead of still-short natural hair
>never go out without a wig unless i'm going to work
>my wigs look better than my natural hair ever did
>my natural hair is growing but i'll probably still wear wigs after it gets to the length i'm looking for because it'll most likely be wavy and gross like it was in middle school
>tfw synthetic wigs look better than natural hair, even during average day-to-day activities
>tfw your natural hair is that bad

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