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My close friend told me she wanted to buy /commission her first cosplay but wouldn't tell me what character. After months of wondering, it finally came today. It's beautiful, it looks so good and she's happy. I'm happy for her.

I'm just feeling a little hurt and jealous because she knew I was planning to cosplay that same character to the same convention, in the same outfit, and mine won't look as professional. She knew I was planning it and that's why she didn't tell me. She needs advice now on wigs and such and I just feel a little sad. I don't want to tell her this because I know it's immature and stupid to be sad about it, and I don't want to drag her down, but I just feel like there's no point in trying to make my own now. Guess I'll pick a different character from the series

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I won't have my costume finished in time
It's my first metrocon, so I guess I'll just be wandering around.
Is the dealer's room usually any good?

As shitty as that all sounds, I'd still go. Is there any other friends you could take along?

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Don't worry, didn't feel too bad. Just really glad you're past it now.

I understand that feel. Got thick bones, legs covered in both muscle and fat. I'll never be kawaii.

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