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I've already openly admitted to being an idiot and in the wrong.
If you really want another apology, have another. I'm sorry. Just do me a favor and don't hold it against the rest of them. People being pissed at me because I let shit go to my head again I can handle. People being shit on BECAUSE of me, I can't. That's why I flew off the handle when I thought the Seras was the one who was making those posts about my attitude and then mouthed off to one of the other group members, which turned out to just be a misunderstanding on our part. I will not be competing again.

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>tfw your body self-image is so poor that you consistently cut patterns a size too large even though you measure yourself beforehand
>wasting time and muslin and fucking up your patterns

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Currently dealing with a dude right now.
He gave me a nice sum for the last costume I made him, and he was fairly okay to deal with.
Now he wants another costume that is even more than his last one. I'm like, sure, this guy was okay to deal with last time, if not a bit strange.
Now he's sending me shit like "how about I work for you to pay it". Then he offered to pay for my room at an upcoming con close to him in exchange for the stuff he wants.
I've told him 3 times that I only take money, and will not trade for good or services.

Not to mention we live on opposite sides of the country [thank god].
If he asks one more time and doesn't feel like he wants to pay me actual money, I'm just going to tell him I will decline any further commissions from him and to find someone else.

>long time ago
>kid asks for a quote and I give it
>eager to get a commission from me
>ask for his Paypal address for an invoice & he gives it
>tells me he doesn't know how to get money in his account
>tell him he needs to hook up his bank card to transfer money and stuff
>tells me he'll get back to me
>get an angry message from him days later
>tells me money was taken from his account
>accuses me of stealing it [?]
>lets me know that he will put out nasty things about my business for "scamming him".
>Tell him that I could not have taken his money because he gave me no personal info
>tell him to contact Paypal because I didn't do shit
>tell him that I will not work with him because of his threat
>end of contact
>Google my business name days later out of paranoia and find the review
>click link
>thread telling this kid he's a fucking dumbass and I probably didn't take his money
>post taken down/deleted short time later
>thank god!

I have QUITE a few horror stories about commissioners. These are tame compared to what I've previously dealt with.

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Just got a quote request that had this in it:
>" im trying to find something affordable, considering im poor (literally)!"

Gave her the absolute lowest price listed in my "base price" guide and offered a payment plan.
>"im really sad to say I can't even afford the baseprice atm
>maybe I can trade art?"
>art looks like it's made by a 13-year old just discovering DA

Just.. why?

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A huuuuuge portion of fursuiters and the furry community are dudes.
Tons of homosex art and fursuit porn.
That's why I'm not a fan of the comm. Too much emphasis and importance based on sexuality.

I would love a new thread a lot.

Come the new thread, I'd prepare for bitching about furries, though.
I'm guessing it will go downhill very fast.

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>3 of my dream dresses + their accessories up for auction
>all at once
>uncommon dresses
>not enough cash for all of them


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calm yo tits
and post shit you're getting in the mail

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