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Follow up: I'm starting to think I should just give in and buy some Worbla.

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Your terrible time reminds me of a friend i had a couple years ago. She always had migranes and loved halloween/cosplaying and stuff and even though she had issues and her life was kinda a perpetual wreck i miss her. We used to go to our mall and make fun of fat girls and make whale noises together. I miss her so much.

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>what are your reasons for being lonelita? did you leave your comm, or do you not have one near you?
I'm actually in a comm but i don't have any friends and no one talks to me... I'm too shy to talk to anyone too
>how often do you wear lolita? do you wear it
every day, or just for special occasions?
not often, since i feel weird wearing it in my city esp. since my city has a bunch of creepy homeless fucks
>how do your normie friends and family members feel about it?
my family is ok with it the fashion because they think is cut,e but my father for some reason pesters me about making friends, i guess that parental instinct of wanting your daughter to have friends lasts through adulthood too
>do you have any tips for other lone lolitas?
id say even if you don't have any one to wear it with, wear it out because it builds self confidence

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Oi. No. Bad anon. I have sort of the same problem sometimes but you have to eat for you and be healthy for you. You are worth picking yourself up and nibbling on some food or even just getting takeout or something but just eat a little bit. Then you can have the energy to make new friends and do more things that will make you happy. I know how bad that feels, and i wish you the best anon.

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>going to con in Memphis TN this weekend
>mom is convinced that I'm going to get murdered
>just called me up sobbing
>offered me money not to go

Mom, stop.

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Then that means........

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>only going on Saturday
>meetups are on Friday and monday

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Been sobbing all night because my cosfam of four years split up.

I've wasted my life.

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He had an especially shit weekend. His friends ditched him and he found himself $10,000 in debt because he doesn't know when not to give his friends gifts and payouts and such. Poor dude just got cheated. And didn't a date stand him up or something on top of that? I can see why he'd want to leave, honestly. Sure, it's unprofessional, but he's been known to have terrible depression so I can see how that really did take a toll on him.
>can you tell that im a little too much of a sky fangirl
>maybe im a little too loyal. rip

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why aren't there any lolita/jfash stores in chicago? there's one in new york and a couple in san francisco, why not the midwest
I want in store purchases without shipping time, dammit

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>mfw still have to style a wig, sew a shitload of ruffles, buy makeup, and construct a prop in 4 days
oh well i guess friday will be a lolita day then...

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>If you haven't truly lived, then by all means think that you're getting older and live like you're dying
I haven't really lived, though. I was sick a lot as a kid, and I have a lot of trouble socially.

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>be male Miku
>little sister dresses as female Kaito
>have fun

>little sister moves away
>cosplay is never the same

A-at least I still have my cosplay gf.

>gf breaks up with me


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>be best cosplay buddies with my little sister
>she moves away

She'll be lolita'ing with her new bf this year.

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My favorite local cosplayer died in August, and I still think about her sometimes. I'll visit her page, as if I expect it to be updated, and browse for a bit.

It seems idiotic, to mourn someone I never even met.

Every now and then, though, when I'm discussing cosplay with my friends, she comes to mind.

I don't know what she did to wedge her memory so far into my brain, but this total stranger made an impact on me.

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