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That's because the designers are being assholes about marketing, which is one of the morals in there.

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What's the worst lolita or cosplay related thing you've ever done?

>girl in comm has most perfect beautiful pale blonde shoujo manga bishie angel type of my dreams for boyfriend
>always had a strict personal rule that I'd never try to steal another girl's boyfriend, but I also never saw anyone this hot before
>girl isn't the most attractive, but is super smart, a total sweetheart and hilarious
>I'm rich and pretty, but I also have a shit personality, so she's probably preferable
>come up with entire plan to make him fall for me, even write it in a journal and have a name for it
>adapt an entirely different personality to become friends with him, it works
>he starts hanging out with me at meets more than with her
>he starts texting and messaging with me all the time, like we would spend 2 hours talking on FB a day
>start hanging out one on one every week
>hoping to get girlfriend to do crazy shit out of jealousy
>after about a month of this, she freaks out and tells him he can't talk to me outside of meet-ups because obviously we have something "not right" going on
>he takes it as an opportunity to break up with her and asks me out literally less than an hour later
>I bring him as my date to the very next meet-up about two weeks later because I'm a bitch and get off on shit like that
>she stops coming all together, never see her at another meet again

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>girl on tumblr says she has a 103cm bust and asks if AP would fit her
>tell her to be careful because boobloaf
>get massive wall of text about how the concept of only wearing clothes that fit you is sizist shit made up by the fashion industry, how the term "boobloaf" is extremely offensive as it's intended to ridicule fat chicks, and how she can tell I'm not fat because clearly I have no idea how horrible it is to have people suggest such a thing to me
>mfw I have a 63 cm waist, but huge tits and have to take the bust area of every dress into consideration before I buy it or I will end up with boobloaf

I'm a firm believer that fatties should be able to wear lolita free of getting shit from their size, but their attitudes do not do anything to help them. It's really hard to be in a situation with these kinds of people and not think poorly about their weight.

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If it has a penis, kill it, and live eternally forever in bliss.

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