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Apologies I guess my dumb ass forgot that was a thing and it's been getting sent to my spam folder for a while. Thank you anon

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please reread that post

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Do you honestly think people have just started selfposting en masse?

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it's aight, my ex partner uses it all the time. Found a picture of my ass on /b/ the other week.
I was upset for a millisecond, but it was a cute pic, my face wasn't in it and the feedback was positive so I'm not too devastated.
>inb4 how do you know it was you?
Tattoos and a birthmark lol

TL;DR: don't let anyone take pics of you ever.

Also gonna try and not derail too far, got sniped on one of my dream dresses last week

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>leave a space just for women for once
I kinda' like lurking here, I am not really into Lolita fashion (although a friend of mine put it on my radar) but some of the pictures you guys put out are pretty damn good. So I'll probably continue to lurk. Pic related, actually one of my favorites from this board.

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I´m by no means an AP fangirl but this outfit deeply disappoints me in so many ways
>H&M bowler
>normie shoes
>normie accessories
>mustache with a different haircolour from whar I can see

For my standarts this is boarderline ita and I don´t have high ones

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>that edge

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>See AP blouse for a good price
>"Selling because I dont know how brand sizing works NWOT"
>Decide I shouldn't be so bigoted towards fat itas and buy it
>She disappears off the face of the earth without leaving a tracking number
>Decide to message after two weeks with no answer
>Says she's super busy with holidays and couldn't send it but will soon
>More silence
>it's been a month
>Finally sends it and I receive it yesterday
>Stained and smelly
I'm never buying from a fat ita ever again

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and here's a classic.

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How do I stop having tacky taste under the guise of "experimenting"???

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I sniff at second hand brand when it arrives and sometimes don't wash them immediately. Not because of any lewd reason but a lot of lolitas just naturally smell really good or use really nice perfume. I wish I could ask sellers which perfume they use without sounding creepy.

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>End up kind of snapping at him in my response email, was trying to be witty, realize it probably came off bitchy.
>Yeah, probably, because now he seems to avoid me like the plague in the cafe.
>Oddly enough his friend starts talking to me, though.
>His friend's really nice, asks how my classes are and everything, I ask back.
>Finals week, TA comes and sits with him, they're playing some game that looked really confusing.
>Me, sitting like three feet away, am very distracted because this game's loud as shit and I was trying to read.
>End up getting up to leave, wish his friend good luck on his finals.
>You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

I'm a pretty shy person, so I was kind of hoping that maybe the cosplaying at the event thing would get him to talk to me first. I'm good at responding to people, but initiating any contact is a no go for me. Hence why I've pathetically been using email.

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>working in low-paying field where everything is super serious all the time
>working towards jobs in middle-paying field where everything is even more super serious
>hardly ever get time off to even go to lolita meets
>all I want to do is quit all this super-serious bs and just make lolita accessories full time for a living, but work so much I can't even get started
>also can't because I need healthcare through my company and to be eligible, you have to work full-time
>dream that will never come true
I just want to regress into full frillmonsterdom and help other people be frillmonsters.

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>want to open Etsy store
>have giant bookmark folder with all the supplies I'd need
>have name picked out and patterns made and everything
>do some research and so many people are doing similar things that it doesn't even feel worth it
>don't have the money to get projects started anyway because going back to school is more important
>so much discouragement

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MLD isn't a source, MLD is a reseller. MLD resells really crappy stuff alongside nicer stuff so people ask for sources so they can check reviews of the brand that actually made the item.

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>condom in the hair
>wearing only a bra with lolita
GURL NO. How goddamn trashy do you have to be?

I have it in pink, it was like 5 dollars or something on ebay. It's pretty cute, don't let this bitch ruin it for you. She probably bought hers for $20+ on storeenvy, kek.

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I work at Taco Bell and live with my parents.
Every cent I make goes to lolita.
I save nothing and I have no plans for the future.

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Haha in my rage I'm even getting months wrong....
If they do e-fucking-ventually say no I'm going to try that, I guess it is worth a shot, and will be at least $100 I did not throw to the wind, with the rest of my dreams.
At this point I just want a yes or no answer so I can stop being so anxious about it. It is Thursday and we don't fucking know who will be working Sunday? How much longer are they going to drag this on?

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