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nayrt, and maybe it's because I'm a lonelita, but I don't see the point of tearing down other people who love the niche hobby I love. I'll come for people who behave shittily and are rude, but other than that, I use the CoF thread to give reasonable concrit and see coords.

the shape or size of her lips don't matter, it's all about her makeup+wig choices that are not quite flattering her face. I wish we'd stop ripcritting bodies and features and encourage people to flatter what they have!

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well, I can see you having a hard time being a daily lolita, but you could just wear it once a month like you do with cosplay. or twice a month.
give it a try, your love of the fashion may actually trump the full-beard need.

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>be me
>180cm tall, 45cm shoulder width
>117cm bust
>love lolita and will never stop

anon, please don't worry.
you are a human being, not some 2D unrealistic bs figment.
I guarantee you look as wonderful as you feel in your frills. dust off the cruelty and keep shining.

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