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Oh god, me too.

I'm also freaking out a little because I got a con room with the hopes some of my friends were going, but none of them are. I don't know if I can justify the cost of having a whole room to myself for the weekend, and again none of my friends are going so I can't hop into one of their rooms. The hotel allows cancellation up until about the week before the con, so I have some time to try and scrape together some randos to room with, but I'm scared of being part of a room horror story.

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I thought after homestuck ended I'd be free from this candy corn hell but looking at all these cosplays really makes me want to start working on all the homestuck cosplays I've been wanting to do since 2013

the ride never ends

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Ewwwww her thighs

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Honestly, I don't care much for the efame-competition, and I don't need a million notes on tumblr. To me what is the most toxic in all of this is how it tickled down to real life. How much of a competition it feels like. How much you need to slap on for a simple meet up just to get noticed.
Today, the standard just seem so high. Even the standard for "casual" pictures. Hyped dress, newest trends, either invest a lot of money or mad crafting skills, be pretty, photshopped, et cetera. And don't get me started on the things you'll have to pull today for a convention/tea party/brand event.
Whenever I am at big meet ups like brand events or cons, the most OTT-outlandish people are barely getting noticed because there are SO many of them they are already having a hard time competing against each other. And to me it seems like people forget that Lolita is a fashion that you can actually casually wear. Whenever I tell people I like to wear Lolita in my free time, I need to re-assure them three times that no, I am not wearing this OTT stuff in everyday life, thank you very much for asking.

I don't care too much for OTT. I want to wear some pretty clothes, and sometimes I want to wear them in my free time. Call me an attention whore, but when I go to a meet up I like to look at other people's outfits, I want to get noticed, and I want to talk to people who wear similar styles. But if all the other Lolitas there are too busy sucking each others' efame-cock, worrying about their notes on tumblr and almost exclusively care for the most OTT cons/meet ups only events, then, what's left?

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All my no

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those eyes

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