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>having ILD meetup next week
>so excited to have a comm meetup after 16 months
>mods decide it's all outdoors and no mask needed
>suddenly, 300 pound ita landwhale who's immunocompromised posts that she's showing up
>she hasn't been to a meetup in ~3 years
>has to go around in a walker
>asks that we all wear masks because she might get COVID
>mods make a policy announcement change requiring masks at the meetup
>seething inside my head

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My comm is having a bit of an issue with being lumped together with another alt-fashion group in our city. We're from a really small area, so any sort of "nerdy" communities have quite a bit of overlap, but it's gotten particularly frustrating recently with lockdowns and only being able to meet online. In particular, there's been an older member of an "adjacent" fashion community who keeps attending our online meetups, even though she only ever wears the fashion from her group and admits to knowing little to nothing about lolita. Where we're from such a small city, keeping good relationships with the other communities is important, but it's just so frustrating to constantly have her constantly talking over people or interjecting about her lack of lolita knowledge. The past couple of meetups have had this pretty uncomfortable vibe and I can tell the other members have been struggling with knowing how to talk to her.

I'm honestly at a loss on what to do. I'm so worried that if we take any sort of action against her that the other "nerdy" communities will see us as exclusionary, but if she keeps showing up to meetups, our members lose their ability to chat about lolita in a comfortable environment.

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my boyfriend keeps making me feel like shit everytime i'm planning on buying something. he feels like i should save up everything or invest in crypto. he just yelled at me because he saw me in the process of buying a 14€ AP ring. I'm just trying to treat myself and ap is the only thing that makes me happy. I have more than enough savings to buy a main piece this month and i didn't because i don't want him to be mad at me. i don't knpw what to do, i don't even kno if i'm in the wrong for resenting him for the way he controls my finances. i genuinely want to cry

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>last year
>find a nice dress
>not my preferred colorway, a little out of my comfort zone, but it seemed interesting enough to coord
>can test the fit to see if I would buy the same dress in my preferred color
>buy it
>covid happens, dress ends up in shipping purgatory

>dress pops up in preferred colorway
Best case scenario: I have two dresses that fit beautifully
Worst case scenario: I have to sell two dresses

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>Two dream dresses pop up at the same time
>SS manages to get both of them for me
>Realize right after that my country is on the list of countries Japan isn't shipping to anymore
>pic related

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Yup. As much as I know my finances are secure, I know there are plenty of lolitas who don't bother saving money for "rainy days" like unemployment. Plenty of them don't even have enough money for minor problems like vet bills. I foresee a lot of panic-selling in the near future by people who need to make ends meet. Which is fine for me since the prices will be low, but sucks for those bitches.

The biggest travesty is going to be the impact on brands.

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Please let it be a rebirth. Please.

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Mfw I actually use the handicap stalls in the bathroom because I have bad knees and need the railing to help sit/get off the toilet but other than that I’m completely able bodied

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The past two dream dress threads, somebody has replied to my post saying they have what I'm looking for, and both times they've disappeared after me dropping my e-mail for them.

>pic related

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I preordered the Momento Mori ring from Automatic Honey and now I want to wear skulls on everything. This would be fine if I didn't own legit deer skulls. Because now I want to put one on a hat. I know I don't have any of the tools available to do the idea justice but GDI I want it!

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Yeah, I found the name of the one I was looking for (WEGO Deluxe Deco Room Tote (S) for the rectangle bag, no idea about the backpack) and when I went to search for it, I realized it was discontinued.
Just my luck, I guess! Do they ever do re-releases or do I just have to find another bag/backpack of that type?

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>period blood on ctp bc hormones are fucked and hate me
>had to go through whole tea party knowing i bled onto my dress and stuffed a shit ton of toilet paper as a make shift pad

I'm a fool to think on the second day of my period I won't need extra at an event.

Should've brought a more practical handbag.

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I'm a sweet lolita and I talk to my horde of stuffed animals like they're living beings on a very regular basis. Including my Usakumyas. This occupies a larger part of my life than I'd like to admit. They have lore. But I can't let anybody in on it because they'll think I'm an ageplayer.

I swear I'm not a pervert, I'm just crazy and lonely.

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Holy Shit. I know this person and have worked at this exact fucking amusement park. It's a small world. I worked there in 2012-2015. I am legitimately startled that i might have met Lor and not known who she was.

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>tfw at a bar for a friends bday
>tfw i'm in lolita and everyone else is normie as fuck
>tfw already hit on by some weirdo 2 seconds after walking in the bar
w e w

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>Finally building up my wardrobe
>Have very eclectic taste in lolita
>love sweet
>love gothic
>keep buying pastel dresses but only ever have black shoes/accessories
>none of my headbows match my dresses
>why the fuck did I buy a purple blouse nothing else in my lolita wardrobe is purple

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Jeez, I dodged a bullet there...I am the anon whose gift was delivered already (to a Canada gull).

Good luck to the rest of those sending to Canada, I'll have my fingers crossed the strike ends soon.

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