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I have a starter bag that I bought from Amazon filled with fandom pins/keychains as a way of dipping my toe into the hobby. I love the way real baggers organize their bags and how creative they are. THere's a meetup at an upcoming convention that I wanted to go to gather inspiration from and just be in awe for a lil while, but it makes me so nervous to think of walking in with my basic ass bag and everyone there thinking I'm one of those obnoxious types who doesn't know the difference between a real ita bag and a pin bag. I feel like I have to tape a "I know its not real, pls dont look" sign or something.

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>Very first time dropping off my dream dress at the dry cleaner
>Lady folds it over her arm and starts walking to the back
>my heart as I walk away

I know the dry cleaner knows what she's doing but I feel like I just dropped off one of my children with a stranger...

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