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A thread for telling stories about anything and nothing - funny, roommate horror, party shenanigans, creeps, things you wished you didn't see, etc.

>Be me
>Walking around con floor with friend I just met the day before
>He is fairly high at this point in time
>Tells me he wants to try and find some bitches to bring back to the hotel room
>I'm down, decide to try to be a wingman to him at the very least
>He is cosplaying as Loid Forger
>See thicc qt3.14 Yor cosplayer
"That's a really sweet Yor cosplay, my friend here has been trying to find a Yor cosplayer for a photo"
>She sees him behind me
>They start talking
>To my surprise, he has some fair rizz
>A second Yor cosplayer approaches, she seems to know the other one
>He hands me his phone and asks me to take a photo with both of them
>High off his ass, in between two Yor cosplayers, arms around both of them, both of them leaning into him
>He must be in heaven
>Unbeknownst to me at the time, his camera was on a delay for taking photos
>I click the camera button on his phone, it doesn't seem to be working
>I walk back with his phone to ask him what I'm doing wrong
>Camera takes blurry downward photo while I'm handing it back to him
"Oh dude it looks like you took a photo of our feet, hahahaha"
>He finds this hilarious
>Both Yors are looking at us with a mix of concern and disgust
>I'm able to recontain most of the spaghetti to our pockets by showing that it was on delay mode
>Take photos
>Both Yors walk away afterwards

Anyone else fumble the bag this bad?

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