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I miss dreamv's cute loungewear

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I do skincare, it just isn’t a flawless perfect answer to perfect skin. I’ve accepted that it’s a fact of life that I generally look bad without makeup. It’s awesome that you feel comfortable dressing up.

I have some cute Japanese style roonwear like pic related but I feel so silly in it. I look nothing like the model when I’m just relaxing at home.

The dress in your photo is so far removed from lolita it’s just not lolita anymore. When I want to wear lolita, I’ll just wear lolita. I’m taking the time to do my makeup, my hair (or wear a wig), I’m putting on a waist trainer to look better in the dress. It’s not comfortable, but it’s fine, it’s worth it.

But when I want to be comfortable I’ll just pull on normie longuewear.

The fashion means different things to different people, everyone has a different level of comfort. Generally speaking no matter what I’m wearing, lolita or a normie dressy outfit, the moment I’m in for the day I’ll change into loose comfy normie clothes.

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