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Why is this thread full of hate?
Why do gulls who hate Disney come here to shit on it?

Let's post some nice collabos

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ITT: common shit lolitas (or itas) say that annoy the fuck out of you

I hate how one of the most common points used in a replica debate is illegal downloading. Not only is it not really comparable since no money is being exchanged for the download, but the people using it just blindly assume that everyone does it, including whoever they're having the discussion with. I just went to a meet yesterday where the groups most vocal Replica-chan started an argument about replicas (it went from debate to hostile argument pretty fast because she was ridiculously defensive) and her main point was "Well all of you probably have no problem pirating, so you don't get to say that print replicas are wrong" and she literally wouldn't believe the few of us who informed her that we actually didn't download things illegally, nor would she acknowledge there's a difference since the uploader isn't making money from it. Why is it so hard for some people to believe that maybe, just maaaybe, there are still some people in the world who pay for their music? Not to mention the fact that "well, people do this crime, so it's okay for me to do mine" is an extremely weak argument.

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