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You see the post number at the end of the top of the posts? Next to the little "No."? Click on it when you reply to a post. Learn to link posts, dumbass.

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>posting about wearing american vintage fashion on a japanese fashion board

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Not liking the stark contrast between pastel pink and dark brown makes you a racist now. Ok.

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Like other anons said this is a feels thread. Not the help thread. Not a self post thread. This is a feels thread, your being an attention whore posting multiple self pics where it really doesnt belong. Dont go shit up a thread and shrug like "ermagherd ppl so meanz why uwu". Sounds like you came from tumblr where the thing to do is shit all over everything and if people say hey this isnt the place for that you scream intolerance or something. Go get asspats somewhere else

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that's the point, it'll discourage shitty hosts from lying and hosting shitty meet ups

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I legit don't understand how people can complain about money and yet worsen their financial situation by choosing to attend an anime convention. Dude... just, what the fuck. Get your finances and life together first before you decide to take a nerdy weekend vacation. There are far more important things here that don't include feeding your mental escape and temporarily providing "healing" for your depression (that will for sure get worse when you see your bank account post-con and are jolted back to the realities of adulthood).

Like, shit. I've been struggling with depression since middle school (and badly, at that) so it's not like I can't sympathize but sometimes you just need to suck it up and attempt to be a responsible adult. Both new and old anime conventions will still take place every single year of our miserable lives, so it's not like they're going anywhere. It can wait until you're financially stable enough that you can spare the expense without worrying too much about it. It can wait.

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>they aren't wearing the fashion often enough, therefore they are tainting the fashion.
what? how does this sentence even make sense?

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>casual search
there's your problem.
nearly every site talking about sebaceous filaments mentions that they're permanent, and can only be managed.

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