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Either get help or kill yourself you pedo faggot

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Your fucking weight problems are not cgl related, take it to fit or adv reeeeeee

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>mfw there are some 'im a salt queen!!!111!! So e d g y!!!!' girls in my comm
>mfw you think being bitter and ~ooooh so salty~ is a cute trait that sets you apart from others in a positive way
>mfw I want you to stop telling me you post on cgl every five minutes, it isn't some sort of club, 3/4 of the lolita community goes here
>mfw stop it
>mfw you need help

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I think people are getting a bit bent out of shape by an obvious tongue-in-cheek comment. Especially >>9855528
I'm not a big fan of these coords, I don't like retro lolita in general, but you guys need thicker skin about comments that weren't even targeted to you.

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The amount of people triggered by someone removing the vomit photo is...too damn high.
Sorry I don't want to see your puke when I'm browsing rufflechat. Emetophobia is a thing, but also what if someone's just browsing rufflechat while eating? It's not a place you'd expect vomit photos, so why would anyone think it's a tactful thing to post?
And everyone's like 'WeLl LoLiTaS aReN't AlL lOvELiEs' as if that excuses the fact that some dumbo needed to post her puke online. Fuck off with that shit. Yeah, we have digestive systems, but 99% of us aren't entitled enough to think that that whole of an online community needs to see the rancid insides of our gut while they're browsing their facebook.

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Cgl has been even more bait-y recently, somehow. All generals seem to have this overarching theme of 'reeeeeeeee fat ppl' going on. I'm bored of it.
I genuinely couldn't care less about this topic, it's so dull. Let's get some actual lolita content here rather than just 'hurr ap is for fatties' 'hurr triggered anachan/landwhale'.

Anyway, what's your favorite place to buy socks and legwear? My wardrobe is super lacking, so I need some recommendations or else I'll be wearing the same socks again and again. Preferably looking for offbrand options, since I'm looking to buy a lot.

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your same fagging is really sad

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