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Hi all! First timer here. Been crossplaying at cons for a year now.

I would strongly suggest fishing something out of the local facebook marketboards instead as you'll get it cheap but high quality. Look out for anything from Taobao or DokiDokiSSR. Be sure to pay attention to asian to american size conversion!

I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and making friends with a cosplayer who knows their way around makeup like someone working in film & TV makeup. Focus on being friendly and making people feel comfortable enough that they would consider coming to your house or something to teach you makeup. If you can't, start with liquid foundation in your general tone, an application sponge to dab it on, eyeliner, and setting powder, applied in that order. Once you get enough attention you'll have people at your fingertips to as the finer details. Good luck friend.

Smile! Just a little bit of gesture goes a long way into the believably of your crossplay. Acting more docile, learning the dutch smile, and making lots of eye contact help a ton. If you stare directly into the camera for photos you'll instantly be way more photogenic. Practice keeping your legs together when you sit, and covering your rear when you get up and sit down. You don't stop being a girl just because you stop standing.

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