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This individual I sorta care about because they're on a board where I have a lot of fun and get along with everyone, and I was hoping I would find some common ground to get along with them.
I was mostly talking in generalities though, because I thought the conversation was more about the cosplay community as a whole and its subgroups, which I care for quite a bit as one of its members.
Do you really think that costhots contribute to the cosplay community in a healthy way?
And sure people can wear what they want, but attention whoring using JUST raw sex appeal really has no place in the hobby, no? Using it to sell oneself as a brand doesn't sit right with me either though, because popularity in the hobby should, ideally, be based on accuracy and craftsmanship, with sex appeal serving a hopefully minor role. It's why we all hate momokun (well, that and she's an awful person, but still). That's why the comparison to pornstars was so weird and felt like you didn't realize what kind of comparison you just made, cosplayers aren't pornstars, even though some pornstars and camwhores claim to be cosplayers when they still use their body to advertise for their profession, they're just trying to get oily geek money.

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I moved months ago to a bigger city and put in a request to join the local lolita comm and it said in the description to message one of the admins why I want to join and it's been several months and the girl I messaged never even saw it so I messaged someone else several days ago and they haven't seen it yet either. Why does nobody ever check their message requests? My request to join the group is still just pending too. I just want to meet other lolitas I have no friends here

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