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50 days to go

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tldr: Some cross dressing mentally ill power ranger cosplay community member had One-Itus for a girl who was already married, stalked her, and when he was rejected, he torched her car at the con, destroyed a couple other vehicles too.

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ALA would be better off cancelled for 2022, since it's change of location to LBCC is gonna suck major donkey dick for the con's vibe.

I know it's not in it's glory years, but the Ontario location is comfy as fuck.

>Isolated in Ontario industrial/airport town, people stay concentrated at the con.
>No random pedestrian foot traffic like AX, or random mexican families with strollers going to the convention.
>Very few normies. The people who only go to the "biggest" anime cons don't bother going. Less people in plainclothes, way more cosplayers and diehards at ALA, making it more fun.
>laid back social atmosphere.
>Cheap hotels
>Occasional Care bombing.

Meanwhile, moving to LBCC where the hotels are all pricey as fuck, the area is shitty and not great for cosplayers to get around/hotels far to walk from + no chance in hell of room parties not being cracked down on. Also say goodbye to lobby con. That shit aint happening at LBCC.

Main reason Ontario is probably not happening is because Ontario Airport has been turned into a "Covid Check-in Station" for any Chinese or foreigner with dual citizenship returning home to the US, essentially making Ontario airport a semi-quarantine zone. I'm assuming the hotels have been rented out by the government temporarily.

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two months went by and no one mentioned this guy?
a friend of mine lost a car in this
do we know if he's even still in jail

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ALA 2019 review time! Was it worth the annual destruction of property?

Better yet, is this the last straw that kicks ALA out of Ontario? Will any convention take ALA after this? Because let's be real, their property destruction list keeps growing and growing.

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