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All right y'all this is what I've discovered after indulging in a shit-ton of videos and stories, including videos + stories from people that work at CW and were there on Saturday.

Colonial Williamsburg is one of the few living history spaces that allow guests to come dressed in historical costume. It is not unusual for people to plan meet-ups there, because you can dress up in a historical setting, take photos, videos, etc. A meet-up was planned for the weekend of June 17th-19th, which went from an informal thing to a group with a Facebook. It was open-invitation, but primarily white people joined the groupo/event. Some people are focusing on this, and blaming the costumers for not having BIPOC friends, and essentially saying they should have reached out to BIPOC people to make sure they were coming too.

There appears to be no issues with the group on the 17th or 18th. On the 19th, however, the group decided to have a picnic--this was a planned picnic, in which they brought their own tables, food and decor (specifically, bowls of citrus fruit).

They set up the picnic tables... across from a living history event put on by employees of Colonial Williasmburg, specifically, black living history interpreters who were educating guests about the lives and struggles of enslaved people at Williamsburg. So picture the Colonial Williamsburg walking paths with seemingly two events on the side: a picnic full of women in fancy gowns giggling and eating, bowls of fruit, etc, and then the other side a platform stage of black people in homespun looking clothes sitting 6 feet apart, talking.


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