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I wanted to love this but after seeing it in person I realized how cheap it actually looks.

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I kinda want the Pullip doll because I love the Antoinette princess dress, but sadly the dress doesn't translate well into the miniature doll version. Don't like it enough on the doll to justify spending money on her.

Tfw I will never own this dress in any form...

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>graduated last June with a master's in engineering
>feel happy
>looking forward to working in the profession (women in engineering)
>enticed by the salary, entry level is $50,000
>$50,000 = lots of brand purchases soon
>get rejected by the big firms
>get rejected by the smaller firms
>still getting rejected by the consulting firms
>perspective hire tells me that my experience is great, but doesn't mean you need to be in the profession
>feel dejected
>no money = no brand
>cried when I could not reserve AP's Antoinette Princess

I got done finishing the one year after graduation survey from my department concerning employment this week. I got an email on Friday saying they want to set up an appointment to talk with me since I'm unemployed. I feel frustrated. All my colleagues have jobs in the profession now except for me.

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Is this year truly the year of OTT? AP for once made Baby-like monstrosities and charged just as much.

More importantly, when is Meta going to get in the game?

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