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>con happening around 10-13 April
>used to literally sleep outside for 3 days in cosplay just to go there and not have to pay the ridiculous train fare in my country
>loved doing it that way
>over the years become a regular at this con, and thus get to see other regulars
>through karaoke and such inevitably become recognizable to each others, and last year for some reasons people decided to keep contact
>the group consisting of 7 people all got together on a plan to rent a house near the con to spend all 4 days there
>the friend that would stick around with me on some days at this con pull me along with this
>can't say I refused neither did he force me so it's my fault still
>fast-forward to now
>con might be canceled because of you know what
>still paid for the house, so people are still coming
>might have to spend 4 full days in the same house with them without the con to have any sort of "break" from them
I might sound like a cunt but it's just that I don't know how I'm gonna deal with this. Most of the time I spent my cons alone just doing karaoke, feeling nice about the cosplay I made just in time at the last minute and going to see artists and animations and such. Even had fun shenaningans with strangers so others aren't the problem, but these strangers are now people that I'm sort of connected with but aren't anywhere close to being my friends. It's harder to deal with people in that middle than either strangers or friends. I simply don't know what I'm gonna do these 4 days stuck with them and I don't want to get psychotic about it, because the moment I get second thoughts about whatever I'm doing or how a situation plays out with many people at once can tip me off in bad ways. If the con's canceled I might just try to fucking do my own con myself and put a notice online for people who planned to go to that con to join what I'm doing. That'd unironically be easier for me to deal with this situation than just spending 4 days without going full retard.

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