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Reminder that genital inspections will be required at checkpoints and before entering all restrooms areas. By participating at this convention, you consent to any and all genital inspections conducted by our staff. Genital inspections are required for the safety of all con-goers. If you refuse a genital inspection, you will be escorted off the premises by security and may be issued a lifetime ban. Remember than genital inspections are mandatory for your safety.

Security guards are authorized to inspect the genitals of any individuals on the premises, so be sure to report any suspicious behavior to the authorities. If you are stopped for a random genital inspection, please remain calm and follow instructions.

Transpersons who have received sex reassignment surgery may attempt to gain access to the convention. If your genitals appear to be disfigured, a trained gynecologist may be dispatched to your location to conduct a further examination. Please wait patiently for your gynecologist to arrive.

Always remember that genital inspections are for your health and safety, and have a wonderful day!

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