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Not lolita or jfashion or whatever but so much fucking this regarding the whole thread.

The vast majority of people don’t realize that people who wear all out alt. fashion or just have full on alt. hobbies/likings/styling in general are like that on their everyday life, let alone their homes. I listen to a fuckton of music that would be heavily associated with “goth” girls or alt. styles in general (Crosses, Deftones, Holy Fawn, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Manic Street Preachers, etc.) even when I go out and at cons, paired with a shit ton of dark fashionable clothes, skinny jeans, long black coats, a handful of rings, so on and so forth. People have associated me with those and expect my home to be an abandoned dilapidated church or something.
However it’s a bog standard apartment with tasteful antique-style furniture, my kitchen is pristine as fuck and my room is peaceful and colourful. I throw my guitar on the bed, I sleep and hang around in clothes that could only be described as “prepfag” clothes, I watch soap operas and follow my local football (soccer) leagues.

People need to stop fucking assuming that the fashion and aesthetic that someone wears mirrors how someone actually lives their life. I’m certain that the vast majority of cosplayers, e-girls and jfashion gals out there don’t hold the kind of life their outfits emit.

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