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I'm planning a ranger character for my first time, and I was hoping I could ask for help. Aragorn and things like pic related by the Fell and Fair group look really cool, but I can't find that kind of leather jerkin/jacket/vest thing. I assume the pants and tunic/shirt are some kind of linen, as is the cloak and mask. I figure I'll get some second hand woman's boots that don't have obvious zippers, then try to find a linen pants. I've got a pair in mind from a store, but they seem really billowy which seems like a bad idea and easy to catch, plus out of character? Shirt will be a long, brown tunic made of a cotton and linen. Second layer will be either a cheap breast plate for a battle ready look, or maybe some crossed leather armor? I'll get some leather greaves and bracers, preferably something like in the picture attached, then a cloak and mask too. Bow will probably be some cheap thing from cabellas till I can afford a good fiberglass one, and the sword will be some small 30 inch blade I can duel wield.

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