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ITT: post your favorite EGL memes

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Let me drop some goodies from my lolita memes folder here.

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I had a dream I found some AatP boots in a thrift shop and got so excited I almost cried. I was devastated when I woke up.

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the absolute state of lolita, I know some of you don't actually deserve it, but to picture saltlita-chan being spat on, threatened and having to run for her life, oof, truly entering boner territory

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I handwashed a new pair of Baby socks and the red parts bled pink. How do I salvage them?

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I contacted a seller about a "nwt" OP they were selling, and found out that typically included components were not included.
I had let the seller know "hey, i'm not going to further pursue this sale because of the lack of included [BLANK] I wish you the best of luck in selling"

I get a message in response from the seller that implies I'm not buying the dress because it's a replica (It literally has the visible paper/neck tags) and how great a deal it is because apparently they bought it at over 400 USD new.

I just wanted to not ghost the seller...

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i'm really sad btssb paris closed down before i could visit

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I'm a solid classicfag but every few months I get this overwhelming desire to buy sweet shit. It hit me again today when I saw a cheap Little Bird Symphonia on LM. Do any of you get sudden urges to switch substyle? What do you do about it?

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I always thought she bought a bunch of stuff to wear, make nice coords and keep cycling with new stuff. I would too, if I was beautiful and had the disposable income.

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I'm going to NYC next week to see Anastasia again before it closes.
I'm really sad because the last couple of times, I didn't get to go to the lolita stores on Allen. And then the AP store closed and Tokyo Rebel took over.
And now even Tokyo rebel is gone...
At least I've gotten the irl lolita shopping experience elsewhere.. But still...

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've tried adding the facebook groups. I know they must have some sort of discord server or something now, because as others said, they aren't inactive. I don't want to DM a bunch of people I don't know begging to be invited. I'm not stupid, they probably doubled down to protect their members over something weird, but it still feels really sad to have my requests just sitting. I want to be an active member and show up to meetups.

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>tfw your bust and waist are well within the listed measurements, but when you put it on, the 'waist' ends up at your ribcage and won't zip.

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That's so depressing. I bought my first ever AP dress from them.

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>bought my ultimate dream dress
>it arrives tomorrow
>but I'm really ugly so whats the point

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People don't ask to get touched in transport. You should jump into a meat grinder.
See if you can't find a friend at the con. If nothing else try to make friends with con security, so they can recognize you and help if you need it.

I want to join a comm but i'm unsure if my taste in fashion will land me on the ita thread if i post pictures to try and fish for friends.

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>lolita friends either left the fashion or don’t have time for it anymore
>used to have 600+ followers on tumblr before it died, basically unknown on insta because I joined late
> used to get hundreds of likes on cof but only get around 60 or so now
>don’t get posted in cof threads or nobody comments if photo does get posted
> major self esteem issues

I-I know I should be dressing for me, but some critique or compliments would be nice once in a while.

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*don't understand


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My lolita crush failed her butthole inspection again this year. It's her third failure, so she's out of the comm now. I'm so sad, I'm just crying and masturbating while wearing the burando I bought from her leaving sale. Our comm leader has no mercy, and now my crush is going to become a fat grey normie. And she had just finally agreed to go on a date with me...
>tfw no lolita gf

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>tfw will never have an artsy lolita gf who makes accessories for our twin coords
>tfw will never have my own babygull

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What can I say? I got excited to finally start a general and I fucked up.
>Very disappointed with myself to be honest

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I really hope this is bait, but if it's not... I'm with >>9778114, ask for the money back and dump the lying fuck.

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