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shit, this must be 5'3 bias. if it's any consolation i'm sure you both are gorgeous in cuts i could never pull off. i'm sorry tall anons!<3

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>The pronoun button
Shiggy diggy

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Iktf, anon. I'm a couple years off from being 30 and my age definitely makes me feel hesitant to buy the sweet pieces I've always loved. I finally have the funds for the fashion, but now I feel too old. I cope by trying to stay fit and fashionable, but I definitely envy younger lolitas with nice wardrobes.

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my order is stuck in customs, they want me to pay the big bucks... what do I dooo

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As did I. I emailed them today and they've already emailed me back, just waiting to hear back on what's happening.

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Thank you. Life is suffering when all you want is a kawaii werewolf dress. I ended up drawing a sketch of what i want about a year back but it never went anywhere.

There are big prints out there and that's nice but Untitled Goose Game sounds very sweet and I want a gothic werewolf rampaging throughout the countryside, eating the three little pigs, howling at the moon. That shit.

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Attitude Lolita? I sure hope not

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>Day 3
>Put the pink slip in the mailbox, make a note on the online redelivery request mentioning I'm here all day.
>Mailman takes the pink slip, pit in the mail, does not leave the package or approach the house
>Finally get ahold of the post office.
>"Lol, she went home, I'll put it on her desk."

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My taobao order got split into two packages, one came right away but the other's been stuck in customs for like a week and now I'm paranoid

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I feel empty because cof is full of itas nowadays and I'm not quiet sure where to find inspiration, good photos and coords....
Is instagram the only option? Since the ban on the lolita fashion # it's so hard to find new accounts to follow

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>Stressed and not thinking
>Order op
>In the wrong color
I emailed the seller immediately afterwards. I'll understand if they can't accommodate me of course, and it's my own dumbass fault, but damn, just throw me into the sun

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I have a boyfriend (now fiance) of 7 years that recently proposed. He bought me Holy Lantern and is very supportive of my weird sense of fashion. He's amazing and I don't deserve him.

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>tfw bid on a dress i've wanted for long time
>tfw get sniped at the last second
>get home from work and check lm like usual
>see the dress relisted by the same seller for more expensive

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Dang, that really sucks to hear. Their Takeshita storefront looked gorgeous. So would that mean their outlet is only online now? Their remaining locations look to all be inside malls, so at most I should probably just expect a small sale section, right?

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>Tfw a bunch of strangers liking my shit, 2-minute edits of a dress on an anonymous image board is the most human validation I've gotten in a while

Life's good thanks

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you would be remembered as an absolute legend if you did that
you'd be like, Savage-chan
But I hope you'll be fine instead and just lament your empty bank account for while

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I knew I wouldn't be able to go until next year but this thread makes me wish I could go with all of you

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>realize my valuable collection of weeb shit will fall in the hands of ignorant relatives if I die too early without having weeblets of my own to inherit it and recognize its actual value
>my prized and deeply cherished Sweet Dreams Rilakkuma plush my s/o gave me for my birthday might end up in a thrift store or forgotten completely

This is the type of anxiety that's going to turn me into a vengeful ghost in Victorian era clothes.

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well I feel disheartened, I'm an actual asexual female and was happy to see there were so many of us. Back to being alone

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>tfw an anon is right, i've become boring to the point of obscurity from being less involved in the hobby and community as I age

Comms are hell. The newbies never stop.

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I love my gf so much, but I'm in a tough spot. We had a lot of mutual friends before we got together, but they basically all stopped talking to me. When I see them, they fake being kind and missing me, but it's obvious they are not interested in remaining friends.
My gf told me one of our mutual friends was over at with a bunch of my old friends and they all complained about me, and how I'd cheat on her or leave her for someone else, and how they think I'm a big bitch. I've been really good to her, but in the beggining of our relationship (about 2 years ago) I was insecure and told her I was unsure of where we were going and that I didn't believe in love (now I do and have changed a lot). they're still stuck on that and it seems like they all want us to fail, just so I will be unhappy and she will go crawling back to them. I love her so much and I'm finally happy. This barely puts a dent in that. I just can't believe or understand why people hate me so much, despite how many times I apologise and how much I've changed. I just hate how friends turn on me when I start dating someone because they were just hoping for something romantic and didn't actually care about me.

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