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>hit it off with guy at con
>go back to his room
>one thing leads to another
>drop panties
>he suddenly looks shook
>"you're a chick??"

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Had a dream that I was at a con and my Sailor Moon cosplay was on point, but I had a raging boner. It was nearly two feet long, and threatening to rip my skirt right off. Con security eventually tackled me for indecent exposure, and sent me to auditorium to be jerked off on stage. All my favorite VAs were looking at me in disgust as I came all over the front row.

I'm a grill btw. No irl penis.

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I never imagined that a cute girl would be a poltard.

Shit, I wonder if she browses this board as well.

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>be born with both sets of genitals
>get peepee removed
>live as girl
>didn't learn until I was 15 that I used to have a dong

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>ride my bike in a skirt
>splatter mud on the back of it
>realize hours later that it looks like I sharted

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