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As a taste of how the symbolism is important for the body, here's the significance of this image:
>Movie starts with Homu and Mado sitting in chairs next to each other, then they nuzzle
>Towards the end of the move
>Mado gets up from her chair and T-poses (crucifix) and proceeds to (with a smile) tip over and fall into a pile of pink goo
>Moemura tries to lunge out and save her (transforming into normal Homura mid-leap) but still fails to catch her
>Frustrated, Homura repeatedly slams her fist into the goo pile
>Pan out to a circle of giant Moemuras looking down disappointingly at the miniature Homura doing this
>Final pan out to Homulilly's hand crushing the scene
>Movie ends with Homura in a chair, leaning against nobody, with a huge chasm next to her

Idiot's breakdown: Homura was never okay with Madoka's sacrifice. She turned the tables and instead put herself into the position of the sacrificial lamb.

The symbolism isn't required for understanding the story, but it gives more context to appreciate it and piece things together. All you need to know is that Homura did nothing wrong.

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