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>Instead of total uniform poof, see how a bum roll might balance out with wearing a softer petti; the shape will be reminiscent of different eras depending on the cut of your bodice.
so just throw out the lolita silhouette is what you are suggesting. Lolita dresses and skirts are created with a specific petticoat or coats in mind.

>Try Clockwork Silk Stockings
according to American Duchess for around 30 USD...

Honestly it half looks like diabetic socks you'd buy for your grandma at Walmart. The other half looks like the socks I can get made of cotton for 2-5$ but for 2 bucks it's actually thick.

I don't understand how you can compare brand socks to this, used socks aren't that expensive and add visual interest unlike this diabetic-kei

>70% Silk & 30% Nylon
>Top quality silk with woven tone-on-tone clock pattern at the ankles
Stockings come up above the knee, and stay up without garters

>"These can be cheaper then brand OTKs but made with silk instead of poly/cotton blends."
So instead of a cotton/poly blend you are suggesting a silk/nylon blend.
Silk is hard to wash and easily stains and I can tell you this as someone who owns a ton of it.
Lolita is a fashion, often worn daily, why would I want socks I can't wear and wash every day? You realize silk is delicate right?

>18th century straw hats and cotton ruffle-trim caps
You're describing something new but refusing to provide an image on an image board.

You are completely oblivious to what you are trying to "make some general suggestions towards" without actually doing surface research on the egl and not even bothering to lurk in any threads dedicated to lolita.
Some of this wasn't even lolita knowledge, most people know that there are delicate materials that are not intended for daily use.

Are you a larper, tradwife or a scrote?

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