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I mean, where to even start? Pretty much every frame of Rebellion has something meaningful in it. Not in the "just throw random biblical allusions with no tangible connections and it's deep" kind of way either. A lot of it is self referential, so easy to miss if you aren't paying attention (pic related).

Pic you quoted has Madoka and Homura represented by the animals they're commonly associated with. Homura is a salamander - creatures that are reborn from flames (kinda like phoenixes) and are metaphorically connected with passing through the "flames of passion. They're mostly regarded in various folklores as malicious creatures who would do anything (mostly vile) for the sake of their object of affection.

Madoka is a black cat, which I'm sure you know are commonly used as familiars of witches. They also symbolize resurrection (more commonly tied to "9 lives" myth, but not exclusively). Madoka's wish in the first timeline was to save a dying cat who was run over. Because of this, the cat has a secondary meaning of having to be saved.

I can go on a lot more, but I believe this is just a fan image utilizing common symbolic elements in the series. It's difficult to fully convey their significance without going into essay length explanations. The movie has so much in it, between Homulilly being the "nutcracker witch," the entire story thematically lifting from Paradise Lost, Madoka being shown with imagery of locks and keys, etc. I guess to start, what exactly are you looking for in the explanation? Symbols that link characters to their motivations?

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