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Or maybe it's the result of the younger generation and the older generation both being unnecessarily childish and refusing to work with each other and thus old conventions die off and new ones can't survive. Just a thought.

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I'll be spending Christmas with my family, which is always good fun. New Years I'll be alone since everyone I know likes to spend it drinking in normie company and I'm not really up for that, but my birthday is soon after and I'll be going home to visit family again so it's all good.
Since I'll be spending most of the holidays by myself I'll finally have a good opportunity to get started on a new cosplay. Also my school kind of messed up their scheduling so everything we were supposed to have done before holidays will be moved on to the beginning of next year, but since I'm already actually done with everything anyway I can take it easy for a while even after holidays end. So generally good feels.
No cute gf to eat nugs and watch anime with this Christmas either though, so here I am with you guys.

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